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What is timeshare?

Timeshare is an affordable vacation option that allows you to visit luxury destinations at a fraction of the cost of other vacation options. It is less expensive, because you’re not purchasing real estate or accommodation, but instead a slice of time in a very nice location. Discerning travelers love this vacation choice as exotic destinations are endless, and, thanks to Marketing Direct Timeshare Services, selling timeshare when you’re ready for a change is easy with our timeshare marketing solutions, and we can even help you with purchasing timeshare at your next destination or perhaps you just want to rent first to see if you’d like to go there more often.

What ownership options do I have?

Points: With the points option, you purchase points in a resort. Each resort determines its own points system, which varies with both the amount of time you purchase as well as which time periods your timeshare falls in. Peak times uses more points, longer stays uses more points, too. Points Timeshares can be deeded or leased, depending on the resort owner/developer.

Deeded: Deeded timeshare ownership is an actual interest in the property. As with real property it can also be rented out, and resold. As with other property ownership it comes with title, title insurance and a general warranty deed.

Right-To-Use: A long-term (20 – 40 years) lease that comes without an actual interest in the real estate, but for the life of the lease, you can use the timeshare as if you purchased deeded-timeshare.

What is resale timeshare?

When a resort is first developed, it is sold at a certain price to the initial buyer. Later that buyer may want to resell. Resale properties usually come at a significantly lower price than a first-time purchase, offering benefits to both sellers and buyers. A seller can move timeshare quickly while the buyer gets the same quality but sometimes for thousands of dollars less.

When you buy, are there any additional fees?

You will be charged an annual fee that will cover numerous property related issues, such as property management, utilities, landscaping, maintenance, cleaning services, etc.

Why rent?

Renting timeshare is a great idea if you first want to try a specific destination out, before you commit to a purchase. It is also a great option for someone who owns timeshare but is not able to use it at any given time. We can help you both find a timeshare rental for your vacation or we can market your timeshare for rent to someone else.

What does Marketing Direct Timeshare Services do for me?

Buyers: Worldwide choice in luxury vacation timeshare available for purchase.

Sellers: We take care of the marketing on your behalf and expose your timeshare for sale to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers, worldwide.

Renters: Whether you’re looking to rent a place, or want to rent your timeshare to someone else, we have beautiful locations across the globe to visit and we can market your timeshare for rent, worldwide, as well.

How much do I list my timeshare for sale or rent?

A fair market price can be determined by comparison to similar timeshare options in a similar market, or through an appraisal. But remember, anything is only worth as much as someone would pay for it. Timing has a lot to do with it as well, and you have to decide how quickly you would like it to sell or rent out.

Does timeshare sell better for certain times of year?

Weather can make or break a vacation. The season in which your timeshare falls will greatly affect value whether you are buying, selling or renting.

If you have any additional questions not addressed above, please visit our Contact Us page right away so that we can get you the information you need.